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The use of AI products and solutions in the public sector has many important benefits. One of the most important is the increase in efficiency. By using AI systems, routine tasks can be automatically performed, allowing employees to focus their time on more important tasks.

The improvement of decision-making is currently greatly underestimated. AI systems can quickly analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns that often escape the human eye. This allows for better decisions to be made based on facts and data. The transparency and traceability of decisions is also improved by the use of AI systems. Since the systems make decisions based on data and algorithms, they can easily be traced.

Another advantage of AI systems in the public sector is the improvement of citizen services. AI systems can be used, for example, to automatically answer requests from citizens and help them quickly and effectively.

Our SKANELLA AI consultants work closely with our partners on further solutions for the public sector. We are already able to improve almost any process, or even automate it partially.

Advantages at a glance

  • Cost savings: By automating routine tasks and increasing efficiency, costs can be reduced.
  • Personalized services: AI-powered solutions can identify individual needs of citizens and offer personalized services.
  • Improvement of data analysis: AI systems can quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of data, leading to better management and use of data.
  • Proactive services: AI solutions can identify problems before they arise and take proactive action to solve them.
  • Increase in security: AI systems can be used to identify potential threats and security risks and take action to combat them.

The use of AI solutions in companies and public institutions requires at least one trained employee to be available to colleagues as needed. We offer 24/7 support service for all our products. So you don't need any additional resources.

The use of AI-based solutions (blue) in companies compared to standard software (pink)



These can be used to automatically answer requests from citizens and assist them in solving problems.

Smart City Systems

These AI-powered systems can be used to optimize the management of cities and improve the quality of life for citizens.

Predictive Maintenance

These AI solutions can be used to predict equipment and facility failures and perform proactive maintenance work.

AI-powered security

These AI systems can be used to detect and address potential threats and security risks.

Fraud Detection

These AI products are used to detect and prevent potential fraud.

Forecasting models

These AI systems can be used to make predictions related to population trends, the economy, or the environment.

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