A partnership with SKANELLA

is a real added value for our partners

A partnership with SKANELLA, gives AI manufacturers/partners access to a complete sales team and product managers. This way, these resources do not have to be built up in-house.

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A partnership must be lived. From both sides.

Together with a dedicated product manager for our partners, we ensure a living and always dynamic partnership. We provide feedback, collaborate on product development and ensure that the support for our partners remains at the highest level.

The added value of a partnership with SKANELLA

Outsourced Sales Team

You don't need your own sales people, we take care of that. You train our AI consultants and they sell your products and solutions.

Customer access in EU and Emirates

As part of the SKANELLA AI portfolio, our partners get customer access in Europe and if desired in the Emirates. Our customers trust us to always deliver optimal consulting and always appropriate AI-powered solutions.

Dedicated product management support

Our product managers, know the AI market. Our colleagues ensure that our partners always have a contact person and that organizational issues are solved quickly and easily.


Our partners get the opportunity not only to train the SKANELLA sales team, but also to participate in training & education in the schools and universities.

Project Manager

A project is not always easy. Our project managers ensure optimal communication between the partner and the customer. In addition, the colleagues ensure that the project runs smoothly.

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SKANELLA AI-Network is a network of key AI vendors/partners, customers and researchers in the field of artificial intelligence. This network is for active exchange about the current trends, problems, ideas and tips.

Important: Participation is by invitation only.

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