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The use of artificial intelligence in the education sector can be useful in various areas, such as personalized learning, with automated feedback and in the diagnosis of learning problems.

Personalized learning allows students to follow their own learning pace and styles and align content to their individual knowledge level. Automated feedback can help students quickly identify and correct mistakes. Diagnosis of learning problems allows teachers to provide individual support for students who have difficulty learning. AI systems can also help simplify task and resource management and improve communication between teachers, students and parents.

With our partners, we are able to provide schools and universities with learning platforms that greatly accelerate learning a language. In particular, the pronunciation is checked by an artificial intelligence and the user is given feedback with tips for improving pronunciation.

Use of artificial intelligence in the education sector

The education sector is undergoing change. Not only is digitization playing a role, but also the use of artificial intelligence for various areas and tasks.
An AI can take the efficiency of teachers and the creativity of students to a completely new level.

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Automated evaluation of tasks and tests

Our AI solutions can be used to automatically grade and comment on student work, which can save teachers time and resources.

AI-based chatbots can help students quickly and easily find answers to their questions, even outside of school hours.

Speech and image recognition

AI systems can be used to automatically transcribe student assignments or describe images, which can help students with reading or visual impairments.

Prediction of academic performance

AI solutions can be used to predict student performance and help teachers identify and address potential difficulties early on.

Adaptive learning platforms

AI solutions can also be used to develop adaptive learning platforms that provide students with personalized learning content and activities based on their knowledge level and learning needs.

Language learning

Using artificial intelligence, it is possible to improve pronunciation of a language in a very short time.

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