Our team

Our team consists of arguably the best AI consultants on the market. We learn, research, develop, improve. Worldwide.

Our motto: Sustain The Future

Our vision

A peaceful, interconnected world. Without war, without hunger.


Our employees have the drive to always gain and share the most up-to-date knowledge about artificial intelligence.

Leadership in the AI field

We aim to become a leading AI consulting company.

Our partners

We always strive to be a good partner for our customers and our AI vendors. We think and act differently than a classic distribution or consulting company.


Together with our partners, we research new solutions with artificial intelligence on a daily basis. This is what makes us competitive.

AI Ecosystem

Our AI ecosystem consists of over 65 partners and over 214 AI-powered solutions and products. This allows us to successfully handle almost any customer request at lightning speed.


Blockchain is still highly underestimated. Yet there are countless possible applications for blockchain-based solutions in companies.