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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the automotive sector has become increasingly important in recent years and opens up many opportunities to improve the safety, efficiency and utility of vehicles.

One of the most important application areas of AI in the automotive sector is the development of self-driving vehicles. Here, AI is used to improve the vehicle's perception by processing image and audio data from various sensors. This enables the vehicle to perceive its surroundings and adapt to changing traffic situations, such as avoiding obstacles or adapting to the flow of traffic.

We go one step further

With our partners, we go a step further and ensure as an example that the use of artificial intelligence all the safety systems in a car always monitors and ensures that the vehicle occupants always have the highest possible safety.

Another application example of our partners is the development and manufacturer of AI-based vehicle sensors and cameras that can detect objects even at 1000 meters and thus trigger the car's safety system to initiate an evasive action.
The artificial intelligence helps to detect and classify the various objects in the field of view and sends the evaluated information back to the vehicle safety systems. In this way, the vehicle can always react to a wide variety of incidents quickly and almost error-free.

We are also very well positioned with our partners in the area of vehicle performance optimization. By using AI algorithms, vehicles can reduce their energy consumption and improve performance by, for example, minimizing drag resistance or optimizing tire movements.

Use of AI-powered solutions (blue), versus use of standard software (pink) in enterprises.


Increase vehicle safety

By using AI-supported solutions in the sensor and camera area, we increase the safety of vehicle occupants many times over.

Optimization of energy efficiency

By using AI software on electric cars, driving becomes more efficient and drivers are provided with more accurate consumption forecasts.

Vehicle Safety Systems

The use of an artificial intelligence, can reduce the error rate of vehicle safety systems many times.

Why us?

As a distributor and consultant for AI-supported products and solutions, we are also very well positioned in the automotive sector with our more than 65 partners and can deliver the right solution for virtually any requirement.
The use of artificial intelligence in the automotive sector can save lives and we take this seriously. We, as SKANELLA, are closely involved with our partners in the development of the solutions and constantly pass on the feedback from our customers. In this way, we not only improve the products, but also ensure that the quality of our consultations is always high.

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