The use of our AI-based solutions in the education sector, not only relieve the teachers, but also ensure a better optimized teaching.

The use of an artificial intelligence increases the quality of patient care many times over.

The use of AI solutions facilitates or automates the processing of insurance claims and thus relieves employees enormously.

The combination of high demand and ongoing labor shortage has brought about the need for more intelligent warehouse automation.

Our Company

The drive
for innovation.

drives our consulting team daily, to achieve high performance and keeps the need for education in the field of artificial intelligence high for years.

CEO: Serge Efremov


Since 2019

..we promote the use of AI-based solutions globally.

AI-partner ecosystem

With over 65 manufacturers and 234 solutions, we are well positioned in the field of artificial intelligence solutions. SKANELLA has solutions for almost every industry and process. Just give us a try.
Our consultants are experts in their field and leave no customer inquiry unanswered.

Our focus is on:

◎ Professional analysis of the processes involved
◎ Concept & Proof of Concept
◎ Tailored solutions
◎ Project management for installation & integration of the solution.


Environmental protection,
through innovation.

We help companies, by using AI-based solutions, to save a significant amount of resources and thus promote a measurable reduction in CO2 emissions.

Innovation = Climate protection

With over 65 partners behind SKANELLA, we not only promote process optimizations in companies, but also sustainably change energy management and transportation logistics.

It depends on us

It is important to note that the use of AI alone is not sufficient to promote sustainable development. To promote climate protection in the company, other measures are also required, such as the introduction of renewable energies and the improvement of the energy efficiency of machines and facilities. We work with QSR Research in this field.

Our promise

All of our partners have been carefully selected through a targeted selection process, so that each partner with its solution always has an eye on the contribution to environmental protection.

Out Team

Concentrated power
from human and AI

With our highly motivated AI consultants and an ecosystem consisting of over 65 partners with AI-based solutions for every industry, we are well positioned to support your company on the path to innovation leap.

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